About the Web Site

First of all, let me say that I do not need this Web site for my ego.

I registered the domain karl-philipp.de (and karlphilipp.de too) as an IT professional in 1999 when several Web hosting providers (e.g. 1&1 PURETEC, today known as 1&1 Internet) were aggressively advertising with the phrase "Ihr-Name.de" in flyers accompanying IT journals. At that time the "dot-com bubble" was rapidly growing and it was fashionable to possess such a domain.

After the dot-com bubble had burst, for several years this Web site was nearly empty apart from a portrait foto.

In April 2007 I took the decision to fill up the Web site with my interests reflecting my philosophy of life. This way I'm able to promote the idea of carsharing as well as the companies and organizations (e.g. Greenpeace Energy eG) I'm interested in.

Since that time I'm trapped in a creative process. One idea follows the next. It is fun. Other humans use a blog to spread their opinions and knowledge. I use a personal Web site for these purposes, as well as others too!

It is a fascinating thing that these days every human on this planet can almost instantly read my thoughts unless a regime like China censors the Internet.

As a caring and reasonably compassionate person with a strong interest in public welfare, that is as a do-gooder, I'm able to spread my humanistic mindset resp. philosophy of life, quasi as an antagonist to the humans who want to take one to the cleaners. In my humble opinion, with respect to my lifestyle I can be a role model.

Moreover I promote a better ranking of useful and good-natured (like me) Web sites in search engines by citing their URLs as links on my Web sites, at least I hope so.