My Interests

The order of my interests is geared to the relevance for my life. The most relevant interest leads the list.


I have a membership in the workout studio (chain) BODY CULTURE.

Gehirn&Geist 05/2009
Stay mentally fit through movement.
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Information Technology

My occupation is software engineering: I'm a (technical) consultant for Identity & Access Management.

The Computer Workstation in my Home Office
The Computer Workstation in my Home Office
A little bit cleaned up for the photo shooting.

Moreover I'm a member of

  • Hostsharing eG,
    a cooperative society for Web hosting based on open source software,
  • FFII e.V.,
    a non-profit organization that works globally for a free and fair digital economy.
Politics & Economics
I have never missed an election since I turned 18 and got the right to vote for persons and parties (active electoral right). As a caring, compassionate, and mindful human I set a high value on this statement: More than a few people have risked their life in the last centuries that I can live in (relative) freedom today. Many soldiers of the Allies lost their life when they were defeating Nazi Germany. I owe all these humans to exercise my right to vote.
I would like to point to the German speech given by Siegen's mayor Steffen Mues on December 16th, 2008.

Gesicht Zeigen!

Moreover I'm a supporter of the European Union and of the currency Euro.

Since my early teens I enjoy the cycling. I'm a member of the German non-profit organization ADFC that advocates for the interests of cyclists. In addition, the membership has the advantages as follows:

Generally the local branches arrange cycling tours at the end of a certain work day and at the weekend. The cycling tours arranged by the local branch ADFC Darmstadt e.V. mostly start on Wednesdays at 18:30 p.m. and on Sundays at 10:00 a.m. Everyone is warmely invited to participate in the tours: There is no need to be an ADFC member.

Spirituality & Mindfulness

From 1989 to 1996 I had a strong interest in spiritual questions. So I read books about spirituality. I strongly recommend the reading of the book

written by Jiddu Krishnamurti.

The ratings on the German and English (UK) Amazon Web sites emphasize my recommendation once more. This book has deeply affected my thinking and acting.

Moreover I practised Hatha yoga and meditation in the mentioned period. Hatha yoga taught me a new body consciousness. Results of the latest brain research prove the positive impact of meditation. Bear in mind that meditation can be a play with the fire, this is my own experience. I recommend to have a contact already gathered experience with meditation.

As a consequence of my strong curiousity I was in constant touch with a spiritual community for some months at that time. But the spiritual leader required sexual abstinence, whereas my experience was resp. is that human sexuality can be a wonderful thing. One of several reasons why I finished the contact again. In contrast, Claudia took the decision completely to join this spiritual community. She was not a disoriented or labile character at all, not in the least, but a spiritual seeker as she lived and breathed. And she was a pretty woman with a gentle voice. When she was liquidating her flat in Aachen she left her tableware to me. Still to this day two mugs are a remembrance to her:

Claudia's Mugs
Claudia's Mugs

Today spirituality is for me primarily to be keen to do a life of mindfulness. In my humble opinion, spirituality does not necessarily mean to be gentle to every person. Without opposition or provocation the evolution resp. the progress comes to rest.


WDR TV Broadcast Philosophie heute
Notes of a TV Broadcast
"Philosophie heute"

Moreover I run a special web site called

Car Sharing
I'm a registered customer of book-n-drive mobilitätssysteme GmbH and — for historical reasons — of cambio Mobilitätsservice GmbH und Co. KG.
Computer Games
On average I spend 4 hours per week in playing computer games.

As a rule I do not play computer games from Monday to Thursday unless I'm on vacation. On these weekdays I primarily focus myself on my occupation as an IT professional. Normally my play times are around midnight from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday, and sometimes on Sunday's afternoon.

Moreover I run a special web site called


that shall especially reflect my enthusiasm for multiplayer computer games.